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    欢迎来到一个专业的范文平台!报告总结经济论文教学论文法律论文行政管理论文医学论文艺术论文商务管理论文理工论文文史论文英语作文演讲稿党政资料求职文档心得体会时政专栏范文大全教案大全论文写作资料大全我要投稿投诉建议首页报告总结经济论文教学论文法律论文行政管理论文医学论文艺术论文商务管理论文理工论文文史论文英语作文演讲稿党政资料求职文档心得体会时政专栏范文大全教案大全论文写作资料大全您现在的位置:范文先生网英语作文中考英语作文北京中考英语作文北京中考英语作文时间:2020-04-25栏目:中考英语作文s("content_top");北京中考英语作文北京中考英语作文1  Dear Mr. Smith ,  I am Lihua ,chairman of the student union , from chenguang high schoo. I am very pleased to learn that you are coming to visit our school on June 26. I am writing to tell you what we have arranged for you.  In the morning , there will be a forum in the school auditorium , where visitors and students from our school communicate with each other ,talking about school life and cultural differences . At noon, you are invited to have lunch in our school cafeteria with students from our school. You can taste dumplings ,noodles and other Chinese foods .In the afternoon, the students in our school will show you around the HaiHe river .  How do you like the arrangements ? I hope you will have a nice time in Tian jing  Yours sincerely ,  Li Hua北京中考英语作文2  On a cold morning,while I was buying breakfast,I saw a girl in front of me buying some bread and milk.When the girl was about to leave,she found there was a poor beggar under the tree.He looked so cold and hungry that the girl wanted to help him. So the girl went close to the beggar and offered her food to him.The beggar thanked her happily and the girl went away with a beautiful smile on her face.  At that moment,I was moved.I felt the touch of something bright and friendly.We should learn from her and help the people in need.北京中考英语作文3  Should Yuanmingyuan Be Rebuilt?  Yuanmingyuan, “Garden of all gardens”, was burnt and fell into ruins in 1860. Recently my classmates had a discussion about whether it should be rebuilt or not.  Supporters of rebuilding the garden say only by doing so can we see the original sight of the garden, which reflects the Chinese civilization. And it will be another place of interest for tourists. If partly rebuilt, it will provide a comparison and help us remember the history.  Those who disagree think it more reasonable to keep the garden like this. The ruins will remind us of the past. We should never forget the history. Other buildings like Palace Museum and Summer Palace can also be symbols of the Chinese culture, so it isn’t necessary to rebuild this garden. Some also worry that the environment will be destroyed when the construction goes on in this district.  Personally, it is advisable to rebuild Yuanmingyuan , which will add beauty to the city . What’s more , the new scenic spot will no doubt promote the economic development of the local.北京中考英语作文4  Dear Li Ling,  These days Tom Cruise, the film star, always comes into my mind. I think of him night and day. I just sit in my room and watch videos of his films again and again. Ive written hundreds of letters to him and sent e-mails to his fan club, but all I get back are only photos with his names on them. I dream that some day Ill meet him and that hell feel the same way about me. I dont want to learn my lessons any more, and Ill have final exams next month. Im thinking of running away to Hollywood(好莱坞)to meet him. Can you help me with the problem?  Yours,  Lucy北京中考英语作文5  请根据以下信息,用英语写一份关于北京植物园的简介。  北京植物园(Beijing Botanical Garden)座落于北京西山脚下,是我国北方最大的植物园。它建于1956年,占地900亩左右。目前北京植物园有6000多种植物,其中包括一些稀有、濒危物种和外来物种。每年大约1,400,000游客参观,游客在欣赏美景的同时,丰富了植物学知识。  注意:1. 词数:100左右; 2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。  One possible version:  Beijing Botanical Garden, which lies at the foot of the West Hill of Beijing, is presently the largest botanical garden in North China. It was built in 1956 and now it covers about 900 mu. In Beijing Botanical Garden there are more than 6,000 species of plants, including many exotic plants and some rare and endangered species. Beijing Botanical Garden is so beautiful that it attracts more than 1.4 million visitors every year. Not only can the visitors enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also they can learn a lot about botany in it.  北京植物园,位于北京西山脚下,是目前中国北方最大的植物园。它建于1956,占地900亩左右。在北京植物园有6000多种植物,包括许多外来植物和一些珍稀濒危物种。北京植物园是如此美丽,它每年吸引超过1400000游客。不仅参观者可以欣赏美丽的风景,但也可以学到很多关于植物学。  英语六级作文预测:在家办公 Working from Home  作文话题:  Working from Home  1. 现在有些单位开始允许员工在家办公  2. 在家办公的好处  3. 这种现象可能产生的影响  范文:  Working from Home  在家办公  Certain companies, especially some small-scale businesses, start to encourage their staff to work from home or use home as their working base for at least part of the week nowadays. Some offer some forms of remote working support to their work-forces, such as equipping them with laptops and installing broadband, and others pay for the telephone bills for these workers.  某些公司,特别是一些小规模的企业,开始鼓励他们的员工工作,从家里或使用他们的工作基地,因为他们的工作基地,至少一周的今天。有些提供远程工作的支持一些形式工作的力量,如配备笔记本电脑和安装宽带,和别人付电话费对这些工人。  This work pattern is popular because it’s clear that there are a number of benefits for these companies. First, it helps retain employees, especially highly- qualified working parents with childcare responsibilities. Second, it brings higher productivity because the employees have fewer interruptions and less commuting time. Last but not least it offers savings on premises and other facilities.  这种工作模式很受欢迎,因为很明显,这些公司有很多好处。首先,它有助于留住员工,特别是高素质的工作的父母,有照顾孩子的责任。其次,它带来了更高的效率,因为员工有更少的中断和更少的通勤时间。最后但并非最不重要的是,它可以节省楼宇及其他设施。  However, there are some potential drawbacks. For one thing, there is difficulty of managing home workers and monitoring their performance and difficulty of maintaining staff development and upgrading skills. For another, it may create a sense of isolation among home workers and it can be harder to maintain team spirit. Therefore, enterprises should weigh the pros and cons before permitting their employees to work at home.  然而,也有一些潜在的缺点。一方面,有困难的管理家庭工人和监测他们的表现和维持员工的发展和升级技能的难度。另一方面,它可以创造一个家庭工人之间的隔离感,它可以更难以维持团队精神。因此,企业在允许员工在家工作之前,应该权衡其利弊得失。  安排大学生活 Arrange college life  I will go to college in the near future. After I enter college, I plan to set new goals in my study and improve my way of learning. What’s more, as I am away from my parents, it is necessary for me to learn to live on my own, such as doing some washing and cleaning by myself. In my spare time I will take part in different kinds of school activities, for example. I will often go to the English Corner to practise my spoken English. In addition, I need to get along well with my classmates and teachers at college. I think I will have a wonderful college life.  我将在不久的将来上大学。进入大学后,我计划在我的学习中设定新的目标,改进我的学习方式。更是的,当我离开父母的时候,我必须学会独自生活,比如自己做一些自己的清洗和清理。在我的业余时间,我会参加各种各样的学校活动,例如。我经常去英语角练习我的英语口语。另外,我需要和我的同学和老师相处得很好。我想我将有一个精彩的大学生活。  进城 Go to town  Li Hua’s parents worked on the farm, but now they found a job in the city. Li Hua had to go to school in the city. He studies in Xinhua High School now. At school he had some trouble in studying at first. However, he was lucky enough. With the help of the teachers and the students, he made great progress with his studies. Now he loves his teachers and classmates. He also loves his new school. He has a good time in the city.  李华的父母在农场工作,但现在他们在城市找到了一份工作。李华不得不去学校在城市。他现在在新华中学读书。在学校,他在学习上遇到了一些麻烦。然而,他是幸运的。在老师和学生的帮助下,他在学业上取得了很大的进步。现在他爱他的老师和同学。他也爱他的新学校。他在城市里有一个很好的时间。  英语四级作文:桂林 Guilin  【参考范文】  Guilin
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